A properly working irrigation system is essential to sustaining a thriving landscape. Time, seasonal changes, temperature fluctuations, and other factors will have an impact on your irrigation system, making regular maintenance especially important.

Spring Start-up

Come spring, it’s time for an end-to-end inspection of your irrigation system. Our technicians will assess proper water flow and pressure, identify any leaks or system components that need replacement and program your irrigation controller.

Wet Checks

Your Account Manager will evaluate your property’s needs and schedule irrigation service visits accordingly. These ‘wet checks’ include checking for proper water flow and pressure, leaks, repairs, and adjustments. Backflow inspections are also available upon request.

Controller Adjustments

We will maintain the proper soil moisture on your property by making periodic adjustments to watering intervals, based on environmental conditions.


Your irrigation system will need proper preparation for freezing winter temperatures. We’ll clear irrigation lines with compressed air and shut off the controller and water source during the winter season.


Time and the constant effects of flowing water will wear out irrigation system parts. We’ll identify needed repairs through our wet checks and other periodical inspections. If repairs are needed, we’ll inform you of any costs that fall outside your service agreement.