In our view, People Come First. Our team members aren’t just employees, but the HEART of the Columbia experience. They receive as much attentive care as our landscapes so that we can deliver exceptional service to our clients. Through these efforts, our teammates become family and our clients become life-long partners.

  • Human.   We do love plants, but we cultivate people to serve people.
  • Exceptional. Our best efforts energize everything we do.
  • Accountable.  We own the outcomes in our relationships with each other and our clients.
  • Respectful.  We believe in the Golden Rule.
  • Trusted.  Clients know they can count on us to keep their best interests at heart.

When you work with us, we’ll assemble a dedicated team that will cater to your specific needs. Your Account Manager will serve as the primary point of contact and will be responsible for coordinating all services and communicating consistently about the work we’re doing for you.

Your team may also include:

  • A Production Manager focused on efficient execution and with an eye for quality
  • Specialized Crew Leaders who make sure everything goes according to schedule
  • Technical service personnel to handle irrigation and plant health care
  • Designers who turn vision into reality
  • A Branch Manager who is always available and guarantees successful service delivery